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Data Processing

    Data processing and bill (insurance policy) production are our important business, we have invested more than RMB 80 million to introduce various advanced equipments, including Fuji Xerox color digital printers, high-speed laser black and white digital printers, Eastman Kodak color printers, German OCE digital laser printers, French Nipson digital laser printers, German W+D envelope automatic processing machines, Swiss KERN and German BOWE automatic pachaging machines and other equipments.

    We have established centers of data-processing and bill (insurance policy) in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities in China, which are equipped with the complete set of hardware equipment and related software to produce bills (insurance policies) and  process data. We can conduct independently the overall process from data development, bill and insurance policy preprint, envelope production, data printing and packaging.

    We have been appointed as the outsourcing service company of data processing and bill (insurance policy) production by many bank credit card centers, insurance companies, fund companies, government agencies and so on. 

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Data services

    The Powerful Data Processing Business of TungKong

    Abundant Technology and Capita 

    We have the research and development department in Jinan headquarters, there are professional personnel specialized in software development and data processing in the production centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. We also establish TungKong Data Processing Co., LTD. in Shanghai, and develop the TungKong special software of data processing for the financial industry, we have been certified as one of Shanghai Software Enterprises.

    We invested RMB 150 million in 2015 in Shanghai to construct the financial service base with an area of 40,000 m2 , which provides a more broad space for development for data service. 

    Whole Process Outsourcing

    We not only provide our customers with the production of paper bills, but also provide them with a complete set of services from system development, front-end data processing, address check, to the production of bill and envelope, mail, SMS and MMS bill, email bill, mailing (on site service in post office), return processing and other services. We are the professional outsourcing vendor that can provide the most complete services in the industry.

    Remote Backup

    At present , we are the unique professional service outsourcing vendor that respectively sets up the centers of data processing and bill production in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. These three centers are equipped with professional software, technical personnel and professional production equipments that ensure the quality of services and products. At the same time, they are the source of remote backup for each other with high ability to resist risks.

    Data Security, Quality Guarantee

    We are certified by ISO27001 Information Security Management System and have the National Secret Carrier Copy License issued by National Administration for the Protection of State Secrets. We have formulated various regulations on the security and secrecy, security in production, quality control system (supported by ERP system), outsourcing services to internal and external job management system, warehouse management system, standard operation process specifications and various contingency plans to ensure customers’ data security and product quality.