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Smart Card

    TungKong Inc. is a high-tech enterprise which provides high-quality products and services in smart card design, manufacturing, data security, system development, card emailed and so on.  The smart card production base with an area of 35000 ㎡ is located in Jinan, Shandong Province. The construction of the modern super purified facilities and R&D office conform to the security requirements of the bank card organizations. The internal dust-free clean workshop is equipped with a complete set of dust cleaning system, the cleaning level is 300000 class. The facilities are in line with the physical security requirements of international financial payment organizations (Union-pay, Visa, MasterCard, etc.). We can provide double interface, contact and non-contact smart card products for various industries and applications, such as  financial, social security, health care, transportation, commercial retail, insurance industry and so on. 

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Data services

    Technology Advantages

    Based on a variety of applications of smart card technology, TungKong, as a rising star of smart card industry, has all kinds of industry qualifications in production, technology and sales, and has a number of intellectual property rights and proprietary technology of smart card .

    The production and testing equipments are international well-know and advanced in China. We have introduced the world-class production lines for IC card and magnetic stripe card, personalized production line and management software. The excellent equipments are the premise of quality assurance. All production equipments are selected from the international famous company's latest product model. We have strong advantage from product quality, processing precision, processing range to product security production capacity and price performance ratio and so on.